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Officials in France recently slapped a ban on Rihanna's controversial video, confining it to the late-night rotation. "We Found Love" joins a long list of music videos that have been banned in some form across the globe because of their touchy lyrics or depictions of drugs, sex and violence.

 · The #Thicke hashtag isn't the only thing Robin Thicke's new music video flashes. The not-safe-for-work clip for "Blurred Lines" also flaunts topless models .

. and Steve Loveridge created all the album's artwork, using what Spin writer Lorraine Ali called a "guerrilla" style. The CD booklet features motifs of tanks, bombs and machine guns, [21] and depictions of tigers, which writers connected with the Tamil Tigers. [4] Village Voice critic Robert Christgau connected the album's imagery with the artist's "obsession" with the organisation, but claimed that its use was purely artistic and not propaganda. In his view, the images were considered controversial only because "rock and roll fans are assumed to be stupid" and would not be expected to ascertain their true significance. [22] Similarly, PopMatters writer Robert Wheaton observed that tiger imagery "does predominate .'s vision of the world", but noted that the tiger is more widely associated with Tamil nationalism and that the singer's use of such imagery did not necessarily indicate her support for the Tamil Tigers. [23] Joshua Chambers-Letson determined that the imagery was perhaps "a means of negotiating the violence necessary" and described the controversy as "an attempt to disengage" from the performative intervention that .'s album's made, through what he called "the complicated negotiation" of .'s own autobiographical trauma, violence, and loss, as well as the geopolitical trauma, violence, and loss that her audience are engaged in from different subject positions. [24]

In the Southern United States , Utah as well as in Hungary a sunshower is said to show that "the devil is beating his wife" (or, more rarely, "the devil is beating his wife with a walking stick") because he is angry God created a beautiful day. The rain is said to be his wife's tears. A regional variant from Tennessee is "the devil is kissing his wife". [8] [9] In French , the phrase is "Le diable bat sa femme et marie sa fille" [10] (., "the devil is beating his wife and marrying his daughter"). In the Netherlands and Belgium , they say that there is a "funfair going on in hell". [11]

M.I.A. - SunshowersM.I.A. - SunshowersM.I.A. - SunshowersM.I.A. - Sunshowers